R.I.P Lee Alexander McQueen

February 13, 2010

A flurry of tweets and suddenly, the news is that British fashion designer Alexander McQueen is dead. Committed suicide to be exact. OHEMGEE. Shock and disbelief initially. Now we pray for his soul.

The world mourns the lost of one of the most talented fashion designers of the decade known for his unique and outrageous designs which dared to push past the conventional boundaries of fashion and even past the unconventional ones, making his designs one of the most bizarre ones but somehow evoke a sense of thrill and captivate audiences completely worldwide.

His designs were also brought to prominence with his collaboration with Lady Gaga with those conical ouch-how-do-you-walk-in-them shoes.


Image credits to: BIG pictures, NY times, andrewmcleese.vox.com,

Enchanting Emma again in Burberry

January 6, 2010

Emma Watson enchants us all again in Burberry’s Spring Summer 2010 ad campaign. My gosh I cannot stop looking at her in those photos! She is gorgeous! Her brother, Alex Watson poses with her as well.

(Alex Watson is the one on the left!) I thought it was the guy who has been posing with her all the while! Ah they should really have more pics of Alex! Gorgeous both of them.

More beautiful pictures at Burberry’s facebook page! (http://www.facebook.com/burberry)

Also, a behind the scenes clip of the SS10 campaign! =)

Images from: http://justjared.buzznet.com (which originally are from Burberry of course)

New year, lasting trends

January 6, 2010

Some trends still prevail into the new year, ensuring that last year’s good buys are still worthy of attention and giving us an opportunity to stock up on new items. Yay!

I think leather should be made timeless. After all, who doesn’t want a leather jacket that ups your cool factor instantly? Although leather might be a tad too hot for warmer climates. But if it gives you the edge, a short while of roasting inside your jacket is bearable for a kick ass look. Just be sure to dry clean and air your jacket immediately after. Leather tank tops and shorts would ensure we look hot but still keep us cool.

As for accessories, now we have an excuse to layer on all the accessories we’ve accumulated over the years! Bling it on!
According to Rachel Zoe, a celebrity stylist, accessories are excessories and more is always better when it comes to accessories. Just be sure that your final look is proportionate rather than looking like you took a headlong crash into the house of a knick-knack collector. That is, if you already have on a chunky choker, go easy on the earrings or if you have a thin chain necklace, prettify your arms with bangles, bracelets and the like.

Oh yes and I want a digital print top! Lol. I just like the name they give.

Shopping time!

Image from: WhoWhatWear.com

S and B

January 5, 2010

Some gorgeous looks from Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, aka Serena and Blair, aka S and B.

The pic of Leighton singing totally reminds me of Kristen Stewart, Bella, from Twilight! Very similar no?

I need more Gossip Girl! It will only resume in March 2010! Darn.

Images from: http://www.shoppinglifestyle.com, http://www.wireimage.com,

Happy 2010!

January 4, 2010

I haven’t updated for a while as I’ve just been slacking away during my December holidays, reading, going out with friends. Read too much fanfiction that I’ve neglected reading my fashion and cosmetic blogs! My Google Reader is exploding!
Anyways, I found this website (8minutemakeup.com) and here’s some makeup tips from the website! All text in purple credited to 8minutemakeup.com (:

Sophisticated Look

  • For this look it’s best to apply foundation all over your face, paying special attention to the area under eyes. Use a light-reflecting concealer to bring special attention to your eyes.
  • Gently powder your face with the finest loose powder to fix your foundation for an extra long-lasting effect.
  • Apply dark eye shadow to the eyelids. Choose color that is quite dark to deepen your eyes, but not too dark to avoid “dirty” effect. Apply eyeshadow all over moving part of you eyelids and blend the color up towards the eyebrows and blend it in beneath the eyes as well.
  • Hot pink lip gloss adds volume to your lips.
  • Finish off with an orange rouge. It’s a great color if you want to draw attention to your cheekbones, but not distract form your eyes.

Seductive Look

  • Dot a sheer light-reflecting foundation over areas that need evening out (such as around your eyes and nose, cheeks and chin) and blend in.
  • Apply cream blush in soft peach to the apples of your cheeks and blend gently towards the hairline.
  • Play up eyes with deep khaki greens, plums, and navys. Use metallic shades and layer creams and powders to make your eyes stand out without looking too made up.
  • Soft pink lips give ultra-feminine look a flirty finish.
  • Complete the look with glowing, highlighted skin. Apply powder or cream highlighter to the cheeks and to the brow bone. Also use shimmer all over the body for a sexy look.

Smokey Eyes Look

  • Apply foundation, concealer and powder as above.
  • Apply a grayish/black or brownish/black eyeshadow to the lid and under the eyes so that it fades out at the sides.
  • After that apply a softer golden-beige eyeshadow on the edges of dark eye shadow to soften it up.
  • Then apply black eyeliner pencil on the rim of your eyelid – this makes the eyes look sharp and deep – and lots of black mascara.
  • Contour your face with rouge and a highlighter.
  • Apply a thin layer of matte nude lipstick

I love the smokey eyed look no matter what. Wondering how I can consider pulling off the look for school. Lol.

And here’s a set that I did on Polyvore quite a while ago. Makeup porn!
So colourful!! 😀

Cosmetic Fanatic
Cosmetic Fanatic by seraphically on Polyvore.com
Feeling lazy. Wait till I get some inspiration to do more new sets.

Spring Summer 2010: Of Florals, Lace and Pastels

December 20, 2009
Spring Summer 2010 floral pastels
Spring Summer 2010 floral pastels by seraphically featuring Giuseppe Zanotti shoes

Brown Eyed Girls

December 18, 2009

This is inspired by the Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra. I love Ga In’s eye makeup. Hawtness.

Black, studs and leather
Black, studs and leather by seraphically featuring Fendi accessories

Marc by Marc Jacobs

December 18, 2009

The Mabel glazed canvas tote retailing at Net-a-Porter for 158.18euros.

Arty farty boho chic look, i like 🙂

Madonna for Dolce & Gabbana SS10

December 17, 2009

Domestic! Wish the pictures would be in colour though. Would be much nicer I feel.

Images from: Fashionising.com


December 15, 2009

Absolutely lovin’ Glee! Lea Michele has the most awesome voice. And while she manages to dress like a toddler and grandmother at the same time, as mentioned by Kurt in the show, she manages to pull off a hot look on the red carpet!

And Jayma Mays as Emma Pilsbury! She really pulled off the part of neat freak well! Super cute! Lol.

Geek chic for ya.

Images from: InStyle.com